T175B: Networked living: Exploring Information and Communication technologies

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T175B: Networked living: Exploring Information and Communication technologies

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Tutor-Marked Assignment 01
Arab Open University
Faculty of Computer Studies
Computing and Information Technology Department
T175B: Networked living: Exploring Information and Communication technologies

Question One (5 marks)
Given the following spreadsheet which shows number of subscriptions in telephone lines, Mobiles and Internet in Kenya as stated in http://mdgs.un.org/unsd/mdg/Data.aspx.
Use the excel file provide with the TMA file and answer the following questions.

Create a chart taking into account the following chart options. (Paste the chart in the TMA file taking into consideration that all the following points are clear in the pasted version.)

1) A column chart
(½ mark)
2) The x-axis represents the years.
(½ mark)
3) Series represents rows 3, 4 and 5.
(1 mark)
4) Write a chart title.
(½ mark)
5) Write a title for the x-axis.
(½ mark)
6) Write a title for the y-axis.
(½ mark)
7) Legend position in bottom.
(½ mark)
Cool Change scale of Y-axis to "logarithmic scale".
(½ mark)
9) Adjust the format of y-axis so all series should be above the x-axis.
(½ mark)

Question Two (9 marks)
Part 1 of Block 4 discussed telehealth for providing clinical health care at a distant. Telerehabilitation is a category of telemedicine field.
Search the web and answer the following.
a) Define Telerehabilitation.
(2 marks)
b) List three ICTs needed for Telerehabilitation.
(3 marks)
c) Write about one real life application/experiment of Telerehabilitation.
(2 marks)
d) List two URLs of the web pages you used. (Wikipedia is not counted)
(2 marks)
Question Three (6 marks)
An ANPR system takes an image for each passing car. Each image is 870 x 360 pixels. Each pixel is stored using two bytes. On average, ten cars pass every minute. If each uncompressed image is sent back to the control center for processing, what is the average rate of data transfer in kbps?
(6 marks)

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