MU123: Discovering Mathematics

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MU123: Discovering Mathematics

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MU123: Discovering Mathematics
Tutor-Marked Assignment
Cut-Off Date: November 25th 2014


TMA [Full 2014-2015]
This TMA covers your study of book A, B.
You are able to answer questions 1, 2 and 3 after studying book A.

Question-1: (20 marks)
a) (6 marks) Simplify:

i) ( -2 +1 )+ 5

ii) -3(-2a+b)-(-9b)

iii) (1 - 5²) ÷ (1 – 3²) – (-10)

b) (6 marks) Convert the following units:
i) Express 576mm in centimeters.

ii) Express 13.5kg in grams

iii) A person’s height is given as 1.75m. What will it be in centimeters?

c) (8 marks) Round a measurement of 1.069m to:
i) The nearest whole number of meters (2 marks)

ii) Two significant figures (2 marks)

iii) The harvest of wheat on a farm increases by 40% in one year. If the harvest of wheat last year was 60,000 bushels, what would the harvest be this year? (4 marks)

Question-2: (20 marks)
a) (6 marks) Use the appropriate formula to work out:
i) The average speed in kilometers per hour, if a distance of 35 km is covered in 55 minutes

ii) The distance travelled in kilometers after traveling for 30 minutes at an average speed of 80 kilometers per hour.

iii) The time in seconds to cover a distance of 450 meters at an average speed of 10 meters per seconds.

b) ( 6 marks) Naismith’ Rule estimated that the time taken for a walk up a hill is given by the formula T =
T: is the time for the walk in hours.
D: is the horizontal distances walked in kilometers.
H: is the height climbed in meters.
Estimate how long a walk will take if the horizontal distance is 2km and the height is 217m.

c) (8 marks)Evaluate the following expressions if r = -3, s = 3, t = 1/3 and v = 5


This question is based on unit 3 and 4.

Question-3: (20 marks)
a) (6 marks) Use a factor tree to determine the prime factorization of the following numbers
i) 500

ii) 120

iii) Find the lowest common multiple and highest common factor of 250 and 60.

b) (14 marks) The following grade were earned by students on a midterm business math exam:
75 82 63 88 94
81 90 72 84 87
98 93 85 68 91
78 86 91 83 92

Find the mean, median and inter-quartile?
Find the deviations from the mean.
What percent of the students earned a grade that was below 80?

You are able to answer questions 4 after studying book B.

Question-4: (20 marks)
a) (4 marks) Solve the following equations:

i) 6 (x – 4) = 7 (x + 2)

ii) 2 (x – 4) = + 3

b) (16 marks) This question is based on unit 6:
i) Calculate the slope of the line, which passes through (3,2) and (-1,10)

ii) Find the equation of the line described in part a.

iii) Find the x-intercept and y-intercept of the line described in part a.

iv) Draw the graph.

You are able to answer questions 5 after studying book D Unit 11.

Question-5: (20 marks)

a) Use Microsoft Excel in drawing a circle graph to represent the following expenditures of a family with an annual income of $42,000.

b) Explain your results in 40-50 words.

Housing $12,000
Food $9,000
Clothing $1,500
Transportation $3,000
Tourism $7,500
Insurance $2,700
Utilities $1,800
Savings $4,500


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