T205B – SYSTEMS’ THINKING THEORY & PRACTICE 2017/2018 SEMESTER II T205 B - TMA- Semester II - 2017– 2018 _____________________________________ Question 01 (100 % marks) (a) Read through the attached Case study Toshiba’s Accounting Scandal”. As you read

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T205B – SYSTEMS’ THINKING THEORY & PRACTICE 2017/2018 SEMESTER II T205 B - TMA- Semester II - 2017– 2018 _____________________________________ Question 01 (100 % marks) (a) Read through the attached Case study Toshiba’s Accounting Scandal”. As you read

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2017/2018 SEMESTER II

T205 B - TMA- Semester II - 2017– 2018
Question 01 (100 % marks)

(a) Read through the attached Case study Toshiba’s Accounting Scandal”. As you read through the article create one spray diagram to summarize the case content respecting the conventions, and techniques. It is advised that students submit hand drawn diagrams as opposed to computer generated ones. Photocopies of diagrams should not be accepted. Reflect on your diagram in no more than 200 words. (15% marks).
(b) Based on what you learned in T205B concept file 04 section II Control”, and based on the content of the article, and taking Fixing corporate culture” as your goal draw one closed loop control model diagram to show the various inputs, and the transformation process, that can lead to reaching this goal. You need to show all the components of the control model diagram, the inputs’, processes, control (actuator, comparator, sensor), that can lead to goal achievement . Reflect on your diagram (15% marks)

(c) Using an essay format of no more than 2500 words, and based on what you learned in T205B concept file 04 section I Organizations are They Rational”, readings 01 and 07, section III Structure”, section IV development, section V culture and climate, and section VI Decision Making” and based on the ideas put forth in the attached case study:

1- Discuss the concept of organizational goals and the three categories of goals, and assess the existence of goal displacement and pluralism at Toshiba. (Word Count 500; 15 Marks)
2- Discuss the management approach at Toshiba, and the extent of employees’ empowerment and teamwork. (Word Count 250, 05 Marks)
3- Discuss the concepts of organizational culture and climate and assess Toyota’s culture and climate. (Word count 400; 10 Marks)
4- Assess the extent to which Toyotas culture and climate and the unwritten rule of behaviors lead to the accounting scandal, (Word count 400; 15 Marks).
5- Discuss the different perspectives on decision making and assess how the decision-making process at Toshiba has affected the managers ability to resist pressures to inflate profits from top management (Word count 400; 15 Marks).
6- The investigation report mentioned that the interference of old generation of managers and their refusal to fully retire affected organizational culture and performance. Discuss the concept of organizational learning, and assess how the older managers’ attitude and power, can affect Toshibas ability to be a learning organization; justify your answers with evidence from the case (300 words; 10 Marks).

(a) At this stage of the course you are expected to have developed good understanding of the purpose of drawing spray diagrams as part of applying the SUDA process for solving a messy situation. A spray diagram is the first type of diagrams drawn in the sensing phase of the SUDA process of mess analysis, in order to summarize the main ideas of a case, or the main components/elements of a situation. Please pay attention to the conventions and make sure that the central topic and other subtopics are relevant, and do make sense to the reader. Go back to T552 (Diagramming) the appendix to refresh your memory about the conventions.
(b) This is your first attempt at drawing control model diagram. The task should not be challenging though. Refer to Concept file 04 section II Control”. You need to draw a control model diagram to show how the selected inputs can reach the stated goal. You also need to illustrate clear, relevant, and non-overlapping inputs, clear and accurate transformation process and an output which is consistent with the goal. You also need to specify which organizational entity is in charge of assuming the role of each of the elements/components of the control model (i.e. actuator, sensor, and comparator). The parties in charge of performing each task within the control mechanism should be clearly identified. It is very important that your diagram is specific rather than generic.

(c) Here you need to practice your analytical skills to assess what is required. Remember to start with a good introduction in which you define the assessed topic before moving on to explaining your plan for working on the TMA. In the body you should move on to assess the causes of the problems faced by Toyota and the impact of the organization’s structure, climate and decision making on its reaction to the problem. You also need to evaluate whether Toyota is a learning organization by relying on both theoretical principles and practical examples, and on the ideas presented in the assigned article.

=11pt=20.0ptASSIGNMENT 1- PRINCIPLES OF MANAGEMENT (MGT101)=11pt=20.0ptAssignment upload in Week 4 (Sunday)=11pt=20.0ptCASE STUDY/PROJECT REPORT ASSIGNMENT=11pt=20.0ptStarbucks’ Growth Destroyed Brand Value=11pt=12.0ptLeadership & Managing People Case =11pt=12.0ptStarbucks announcement that it will close few stores in Saudi Arabia=12.0pt admission of limits to growth.=11pt=12.0ptThe founder Howard Schultz =12.0ptrecognized the problem that his own growth strategy had created: Stores no longer have the soul of the past and reflect a chain of stores vs. the warm feeling of a neighborhood store.” Starbucks tried to add value through innovation, offering wi-fi service, creating and selling its own music. More recently, Starbucks attempted to put the focus back on coffee, revitalizing the quality of its standard beverages. But none of these moves addressed the fundamental problem: Starbucks is a mass brand attempting to command a premium price for an experience that is no longer special. =11pt=12.0ptHow will you help company to recover and expand its operation in Saudi Arabia. The Company hired you as CEO of Starbucks coffee in Saudi Arabia=24pt=20.0ptAssignment Objectives & Requirements:
=11pt=12.0ptTo sustain and expand the Starbucks Stores in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, you have to write the: (400 – 500 words)
=11pt=12.0ptIdentify the competitive advantage (s) in business for growth
=11pt=12.0ptWhat are the different Products and type of services that can be offered.
=11pt=12.0ptBusiness objective/goals/vision
=11pt=12.0ptIdentify and describe the four managerial functions that can be applied in Starbucks business=12.0pt in Saudi Arabia. (200 – 300 words)
=11pt=12.0ptExplain the different types of planning for the different levels of management in Starbucks=12.0pt in KSA. Include the typical time frame for which each plan is created. (200 – 300 words)
=11pt=12.0ptDiscuss different theoretical perspectives about management in context of Starbucks. Give at least three reasons. (100 - 200 words)
=11pt=12.0ptConclude your report. (100 – 200 words)

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